October 22, 2012

Before and After Billboard by Burt’s Bees

Reading time: 1 min

I have a love/hate relationship with OOH (out of home) advertising. Most of the time the ads are so bad it feels like its visual pollution.

On the web its easy to find hundreds of creative and impactful examples but that’s not reality. I would say 99% of out of home campaigns we see in our day-to-day routines are horrible and completely forgettable.

Burt’s Bees, the “Earth Friendly, Natural Personal Care Company” launched a pretty creative out of home campaign to show the hydrating effects of its new “Intense Hydration” line of products.

Using sticky-note as coupons the brand was able to simulate a before and after effect on a billboard while also providing the public with an incentive to try their product.


Being exposed to so much bad makes you really appreciate the good like this one.

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