August 12, 2011

Is Ikea’s “Have a Gö” TV spot in bad taste?

Reading time: 1 min

A friend forwarded this TV spot from Ikea Australia as part of their “Have a Gö” campaign. The ad depicts a mob attacking their homes and throwing out their old boring furniture to replace them with hip Ikea products. Initially I found the ad amusing and entertaining (I still do). It didn’t even occur to me that that the timing in which Ikea has released this ad could be a little questionable concerning what’s the UK has been dealing with in the last week.

It’s obvious that Ikea had no intention of making fun of that situation but you have to question the marketing department’s as well as YouTube’s thoughts on releasing the spot at this time.

Ideally, when a brand puts their tv spots on YouTube they want and hope it goes viral but in this case it might not be in Ikea’s best interest.

I’m the last person who would make a big fuss about this but we live in a time where everyone and your grandmother is online and looking for the littlest reason to complain on about a brand.  This is sure to generate negative online attention.  So the question is should Ikea remove the video as soon as possible and apologize or just leave it go viral and hope that the extra exposure will be worth the possible backlash?


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