February 18, 2013

I’m an extra in Yan England’s Oscar Nominated short movie!

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[EDIT] The original video was taken down by Yan… because of this. I have a strong feelings about it but someone else uploaded it to their YouTube channel and it hasn’t been taken down just yet. You can also watch it here.

I’ve never aspired act or be in a movie, like I’m sure most of us I’ve never felt comfortable in front of a camera. But unlike most, the first time I’ve been part of a movie it ends getting nominated for an Oscar! How lucky is that?

The movie is Henry by Yan England nominated for Best Live Action Short.

Henry, a great concert pianist, has his life thrown in turmoil the day the love of his life, Maria, disappears mysteriously. He’ll, then, discover the inevitable verdict of life. 

The short movie was filmed two years ago and I had all but forgotten about the experience until about a month ago when the Oscar nominations were announced with Henry being called out in the live action short film category. As of last week the movie is on YouTube and I can finally see that I made the cut! So cool!

Here’s the story, a little under two years ago a friend asked if I would be available to volunteer as an extra in a short movie. Having nothing planned that weekend I was glad to take part since I was curious, I had never done this kind of thing so I didn’t know what to expect. I honestly thought I’d show up for an hour or two, hang out in the background and be done with it.

It turned out to be a big production, makeup, wardrobe and a full day on the set to shoot the one scene with a dozen other extras. It was fascinating albeit long and at times boring experience, during most of the day extras hang on the set until the scene and crew are ready to shoot. Here are a few Instagram pictures I took while hanging around on the set.


…and if you don’t want to watch the full 20 minute movie, here are screenshots of the two scenes where my 1920’s greased-up noggin makes an appearance, at  7:27 and off in the distance at 7:30!


yep, there I am on the credits!


Big thanks to Yan for the experience! I’ll be sure to ask for a rase for my next role! I need to work on that my IMDB profile page! 😉

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