December 21, 2015

Jokes are Real – Fire in the Hole Podcast – Episode 14

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fire in the hole podcast

My friends Jason Ambrus and Richard Lajoie started Fire in the Hole podcast just a little over 3 months ago. FitH didn’t start with a specific mission, at first, Jason and Richard made it up as they went but after a few episodes, an underlying theme of real stories has become a recurring subject. They often have guests that give insight and help debunk subjects that warped by pop culture. The conversations are always entertaining and fun, just like good friends have over beers that you want to be in on and give your two cents.

I was fortunate enough to participate in one where we had a chance to catch up,  discuss our passion for classic Transformers, 80s cartoons and my personal battle with childhood kleptomania. You can listen to it here.

Fire in the Hole on PodbeaniTunes

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