February 9, 2019

My new podcast: The Video Insiders Podcast – Discussing the Behind the Scenes of YouTube

Reading time: 1 min

I’ve been a podcast addict for more than 10 years and I’m now starting a second podcast with my good friend Tom Martin about the business of YouTube, the behind the scenes around managing channels and massive libraries.

Please download it today, give it a listen and hopefully subscribe! If you do leave a review so you can help make a difference and help it grow.

You can find it on all the podcasting platforms.  https://pod.link/videoinsiders

A big thanks to Tara for her love and support and my podcast co-host in crime Tom Martin as well as Phil Starkovich TubeBuddy for showing faith in us by being a sponsor before ever hearing a word of the show. Finally a big thanks to Joe Pacheco for his pro work in editing the show!

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