May 29, 2012

The Sevens by Alain Caron and Joe Pacheco

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I was originally going to just to write a couple of sentences about my cousin’s latest/greatest album collaboration with Alain Caron of which was just released today. However its turned into a story of our relationship growing up so if you’re not interesting in the story just buy the fucking album!

My cousin Joe Pacheco has always been like a brother to me and he had a strong influence on me while growing up.

I’m older than him (by a month) but when we were kids it always felt like Joe had things figured out first. He was always the more outgoing one while I was an introvert and extremely shy. He was popular in school, had lots of friends and was pretty much-loved by all so I always looked up him.

Joe got into music when he was hardly in his teens and quickly learned how to play the guitar. He also helped me discover music, often letting me borrow his big brother’s Twisted Sister, Motley Crue and Def Leppard tapes.

His talent as a guitarist improved over the years and I was amazed at his natural abilities on the guitar. He was able to teach himself how to play his favourite bands song just by listening to it all by himself. He kept at it throughout high school and was part of countless garage rock bands playing in many dingy rock clubs around town. I was convinced he was on his way to music greatness.

To this day we still have quick chats about listening to so and so’s latest album but not a lot of “I’ve bought it” type of discussions. We also talk on how the music industry just keeps fucking things up and not “getting it” but that’s another line of dialog I won’t get into here.

But as time passed, the bands never went anywhere, us kids grew up, got real jobs and did what we had to do to pay the bills.

After a few dead end jobs Joe found a gig working for a small local radio station as a manager during the week, he also took the odd music gigs on weekends to help pay the bills. On top of all that he kept his passion for music and creativity going by doing work as an independent record producer late on weeknights from his home basement studio.

For the last ten years I’ve seen him become an experienced producer, a loving husband and father of two of which I’m amazed at how well he juggles both his family and professional life.

He can attest that I’ve often tried to push him to be more self promotional and use the social tools available to him on the web because I believe in his talent as a producer and that just the right amount of push will get him noticed.

Joe’s produced a number of albums in his career but nothing that’s brought much attention to him specifically… at least until now. I believe that Joe’s passion, dedication and unique sound is what must have brought him to the attention of famed jazz bassist Alain Caron which led to The Sevens, a musical collaboration that we are now very fortunate to listen to as of today.

His latest work proves what I’ve told him for years, that he’s fucking awesome.

If you love chill-out, ambient, jazz, trip-hop music then you need to pick up The Sevens by Alain Caron & Joe Pacheco (Available on iTunes)

I’m so proud of him, I think he’s right there next to the Brian Eno‘s of this world. Good job cuz!

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