October 16, 2012

The story of how Comodo in NYC got started

Reading time: 1 min

I absolutely love the story behind Comodo in NYC.

Tamy and Felipe started an ambitious project which was to host a dinner party every night week for a year in their NYC apartment and blogging about the experience.

At first they invited only their friends & family but obviously ran our of guests to invite so they opened up to make dinner for strangers and fans that were following the project on their blog and on social media.

Unfortunately the NYC Department of Health took notice and shut them down which seemed like the end of that but Tamy and Felipe really wanted to keep going and just decided to open a restaurant in SOHO.

They put their project on Kickstarter and got successfully funded in its first week.

I’ve added it to my Foursquare list of places I must check out next time I’m in NYC.

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