March 29, 2013

The Unforgettable Moments of Bioshock Infinite

Reading time: 1 min

Over the last week I’ve been completely engrossed in the masterpiece in gaming that is Bioshock Infinite. I’m the last person who can write a long review of a game on the web. If Adam Sessler‘s doesn’t convince you to get this game then nothing will.

The reason for my post is just to share this touching moment in the game that totally blew me away. In a quiet in between action moment  you find a guitar  and if you pick it up Booker starts playing while  Elizabeth sings a haunting song called “Will the Circle be Undone” to comfort a nearby child who is hiding in fear.

I’ve been raving about Bioshock Infinite ever since I picked it up, gameplay is super engaging, the acting, story and level design are mind blowing. Even though the FPS game is chock full of thrills and action its the quite moments like this one that have convinced me that we’ve hit a new level of character development and video game storytelling. It solidify the genius and overall talent of the team behind this gaming masterpiece.

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