January 5, 2013

Urban Decay

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Chernobyl Hospital Lobby

I’ve always been fascinate by desolation and abandoned places. Places created by man but have been left abandoned and left to nature.

The Atlantic just posted these a series of pictures taken inside one of Chernobyl’s abandoned hospital’s


Also, Tim Suess’ Many Faces of Decay website has a great Chernobyl Journal from a visit he made in 2009. Lots of great/haunting photos and diary of his 2 days spent in one of the world’s most famous abandoned cities.


Finally, you talk about urban decay or abandoned places without mentioning amusement parks. There’s just something about desolated amusement parks that fascinates me.

Dark Roasted Blend has published surreal pictures of the Spreepark PlanterWald, near Treptower park in Berlin. 

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