May 9, 2012

Facebook Mobile App Center

Reading time: 1 min

So Facebook has announced its official mobile app center where we will be able to download both free and paid mobile apps through its  app store within its mobile app… for our mobile phones.

I don’t know about you but I’m already feeling overloaded with all these different app markets. Will this be the ultimate mobile eco-system? I’m not sure the mobile eco-system needed another layer of distribution.

I’m curious to know what’s will be the advantage for people to download a Pinterest/Spotify mobile app via the Facebook app market vs. Apple’s app store vs. Google Play’s app store vs. Samsung’s future app store (you know that’s coming!).
Will they be apps that will only work within the Facebook app? Will they be stand alone apps?

Finally, the screenshot above has become pretty common on my feed lately because I’m trying to keep garbage from appearing on my feed. This makes me weary that mobile newsfeeds will inherit these kinds of unwanted updates.

Lots of questions, looking very much forward to seeing how apps will work and how it will change Facebook and how they will eventually evolve.

Yes, I’m aware that I’m also sharing this garbage post on your Facebook feed.

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