May 25, 2012

From Love To Bingo in 873 Images

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This painstakingly crafted ad does one thing well and that’s to let me know that Getty Images has a LOT of stock photos!

They were able to tell a simple story “from love to bingo” by carefully arranging each photos. The promotional spot is a creation of Sophie Schoenburg and Marcus Kotlhar from the AlmapBBDO ad agency in Brazil using 873  images (obviously).

Copywriter Sophie Schoenburg and art director Marcus Kotlhar worked 6 months researching images, improving the script and building each scene so they would not only be understood, but would also touch viewers. Sometimes, for example, a scene would look perfect on paper, but the images chosen to depict it were not sufficient or did not perfectly match up to offer the right movement and sense. And hence the research had to be restarted. The film was directed by Cisma, via Paranoid BR, along with Marcos Kotlhar, the art director at the agency.

via Reddit

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