February 18, 2012

Wooloot’s Vozz Earphones Original Packaging

Reading time: 1 min

I literally just got these Vozz Earphones. Like most of us, my iPod’s original earphones are lacking in terms or sound and comfort so I’ve been on the market for new earphones for months.

Now I’m no sound expert and I’m the last person who will pay 100$ for earphones although I’m not saying they aren’t worth it for those who care that much, I just don’t.

Luckily for me my favourite daily deals site Fab.com featured Wooloot’s phones a few weeks back. Bad news, Fab still doesn’t ship to Canada.  Solution, have them shipped to a friend’s address in SF where my girlfriend often travels to for business.

All this to say that I wanted to highlight the great packaging Wooloot used for the Vozz Earphones. Other than getting elegantly designed and great sounding earphones for an awesome Fab price 15$ (regular price about 22$).

Here are a few pictures (taken with my iPhone4).

I’m really impressed and love the original cardboard packaging that screams “recycle me!”. Now I With our heightened sence of the environment I think a lot of product companies should take a cue from Wooloot’s efforts which has caught my attention and respect