May 10, 2012

Using Pinterest as your digital résumé

Reading time: 1 min

Yep, you can use Pinterest as your digital résumé!

That’s what Jeanne Hwang did, she loooves Pinterest, like really a lot! Enough that she really wants to work there.

The social media darling Pinterest gets a lot of attention and most probably a lot of applicants so to “cut through the noise” Jeanne used her Pinterest account to graphically showcase her skills.

Simple and creative, Jeanne created a dedicating board with “pins” that displayed all her qualifications for the job. For example, one pin is a picture of Jeanne skydiving to show her adventurous/risk-taker side while another highlights that she worked at Yahoo! as a director with a simple logo and description.

Jeanne says “I am trying to cut through the noise for a chance to prove that I am an outstanding next hire. Welcome to my digital resume, which include links to my blog and work I have done on Pinterest. I am clearly passionate, but also have great experience to boot. How can I help” 

It’s always impressive to see how new media creativity and Pinterest .

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