March 16, 2012

Wearing my SXSWi swag, day 2

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Here is day two of me wearing all the clothing swag I received for free at SXSW Interactive 2012. Today’s t-shirt comes from GM, specifically Chevrolet who had a fairly substantial presence at SXSW.

I have to say that this shirt isn’t one of my favourites, first off because I find it big on me and I’m just not a fan of the design. Saying this reminds me that I actually had to engage with the brand to get this. Chevrolet was inviting attendees to test drive a bunch of its cars, once you did you got a free t-shirt and a 5$ coupon for Starbucks.

That on itself is ok but Chevrolet also had another presence with its “Catch a Chevy”. Basically they had a fleet of cars patrolling downtown Austin giving free rides to anybody who with a conference pass.

Back to the test drive, I ended up trying the Chevrolet Camaro after missing out on the Volt because the woman in front of me took it and I didn’t want to way. That said I have to knock points from GM for not thinking ahead since SXSWi is a total geekfest and geeks are very much into electric cars, having only one Volt available was not a good analysis of your audience IMO.

In the end actually enjoyed my Camaro test drive, I was particularly impressed by the HUD on the windshield since I had yet to drive a car with one. Here’s a picture I snapped while at a stop & my test drive host wasn’t looking…if you look carefully you can see the 0 mph on the bottom part of the windshield.

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