July 6, 2012

My Amazing Spider-Man Review

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I was lucky and saw The Amazing Spider-Man last night (in 3D) thanks to the fine folks at Cineplex Canada.

Here’s a copy of my thoughts on the movie that I just posted on Flixter.

The Good:

  • Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone nail it, Andrew’s interpretation of Peter/Spider-Man is perfect her pulls off a shy/nerdy Peter Parker as well as a cocky/smart-ass spidey.
  • The web-slinging is awesome and probably the best of the all the spidey movies.

The Bad:

  • Lizard as the main villain was pretty lacklustre and his motivations don’t make sense!
  • Why did we have to sit  through the whole damn origin story all over again? Just like Batman, the origin of Spider-Man is part of pop culture and  everybody knows the damn story! They should have taken a cue from Christopher Nolan on how to handle it. Its been changed a little but other than the story about Peter’s father working at OsCorp the rest was useless and could have been handled with flashbacks.
  • 3D is BEYOND useless for his movie, seriously DO NOT fall for it, there is absolutely no real noticeable 3D in this movie other than the opening and ending credits, this movie wasn’t filmed in 3D, its a total rip off! Remember, this is a Sony movie and Sony is still trying to force 3D down everyones throat like its something we can’t live without. IMO you shouldn’t pay extra for 3D for ANY movie but this one takes the cake in terms of totally ripping you off.

I know it seems like there’s more bad than good but overall it is an entertaining movie with some great action shots and performances from Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone. I still think we didn’t need a “remake/reimagining” since the Curt Connors/Lizard character had already been introduced in the previous films. Overall its a great summer popcorn and worth seeing (BUT NOT in 3D!)

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