March 15, 2012

SXSWi swag I got – Day 1

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Ok, I’m finally back after almost two weeks of travelling and my trip to geek mecca, South by Southwest Interactive which turned out to be exactly what everyone said it would be…overwhelming. I feel that its going to take a couple of days to digest all of it and hopefully I’ll build up the courage to post about it.

In the meantime I thought I’d share the cool branded swag that was all over SXSWi. At first I wasn’t really interested but I quickly caved and actively sought out as much as I could pack!

So today I’m wearing my first  of many t-shirts that was being given. I’m starting in style with the Soundtracking shirt which is probably one of the best of the bunch simple and straightforward.

I plan on wearing all the t-shirts I got during SXSWi everyday until I run out. I’m thinking I’m good for almost two weeks!

The picture above was taken using the new Samsung Galaxy Note Android phone which I’m trying out for the next few week. I had originally written this post on the phone only to have the WordPress app crash and erase my draft. :/

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